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Snowy Plover - Into the Wind IMG_6098.JPG
This banded snowy plover treks into the wind at Pigeon Point.  The PRBO, Point Reyes Bird Observatory, suspects this is may be a male they banded in 2007 at the Pajaro River:  four years ago and 40 miles south.  However, Research Associate Frances Bidstrup with the PRBO's Wetlands   Ecology Group adds, "It would be unusual for a bird to suddenly show up at a new site after a hiatus of 4 years.  What we don't know though is every move a bird makes over a period of time.  We have birds that disappear for the winter or nesting season.  It could well have been missed if a site is only censused once or twice a year or the bird stays briefly.  This time of year the birds are dispersing to their nesting sites so their moves are more unpredicable than when in their wintering areas."